humble vs. jealous

Recently a friend and I were having a conversation. This individual routinely does remarkable things for so many every single day and I believe he receives very little acknowledgment despite the extratrodinary impact he makes on those around him. I once again spoke of his skills and compassion. He replied by saying,
” Those who exhalt themselves will be humbled and those who are humble will be exhalted.”
I knew it came from the bible, so I looked it up. Matthew 23:12
It’s also in Luke 14:11
It’s an underlying theme in the majority of the bible and a good one to live.
I know that some people are actually jealous of this man and his efforts to bring happiness to others. Which bothers me tremendously.
I continued to pursue this thought and turned to one of my favorite authors Sir Llyod John Ogilvie. Dr. Ogilvie was the Chaplain for the United States Senate for 8 years.
Dr. Ogilvie wrote that “jealousy is misplaced praise.”
I wondered then how can there be such sharp contrasts between two people? Humble vs. jealousy
I read further and came upon this from Dr. Ogilive: ” The flame of God in us is misspent and misused in envy of another person or his gifts and possessions. The capacity of praise is misdirected and used to want to be or have what is someone else’s. The more we praise God for our own uniqueness, the more we can affirm another’s specialness without wanting to steal it for ourselves.
So I guess those who live with jealousy toward others simply need to be redirected; point out their own uniqueness and follow it up with a little praise, gently teaching them that we all have gifts and we ALL should remain humble.


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