American Pie……….song vs. movie

So my 12 year old son informs me that his music teacher asked her students to list some American songs written by American song writers. He listed many including, Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Diamond, Neil Sedaka, Billy Joel etc. Ya gotta love this kid, the boys got good taste. Then he raised his hand and answered his qualified, educated teacher, “American Pie” by Don McLean.
Wait for it………..
Wait for it………..
“No Matthew, that is not a song, it is a movie”
I took out my original 1971 Don McLean album, played it for my son……loudly………we sung every word.
He told me that when the teacher told him it was not a song but a movie, the class laughed at him and he felt bad because he KNEW he was right.
So, what choice did I have?
I e-mailed this “teacher” I gave her a full report including billboard charts and the history of the song and it’s writer.
I even left the link to jango so she too could tune in and listen to one of the greatest American songs ever written.
I haven’t heard from her yet.
Go figure.


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